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Activations are a great alternative medicine to help anyone feel better.



What clients are saying about Nova and her work.


"Nova is an energy-star that is there when you need support or insight or a general pick-you-up.  Her natural skills as an energy healer are amazing. No matter how I feel, after a session with Nova, I feel like a new woman!"    ~ Kamala – Wellness Practitioner


"Nova came from the stars to heal and clear my house.  I was so stuck with too much stuff.  Nova swooped in and in a respectful way helped me to organize and refresh my living space and car.  I love my new home and the freedom it has given my soul to have space and order around me.  She gave me a new fresh start.  You will love being Novafied.  My lungs are also clear for the first time in years after her energy body session and house clearing.  The dust is cleared in my life  thanks to Nova." ~ B. Blue,

"As a veteran teacher of 15 years, I sometimes have difficulty disposing of papers and other tangible items. When it came time for me to move homes, I went into a panic. Fortunately, Nova Larkin came to the rescue. Her efficiency, patience, diligence and commitment to the task was first rate and enabled me to reduce my level of stress and made a swifter and more successful move. I can honestly say that if you find yourself in a similar situation or just need to disconnect from items that reflect the past and find it difficult to “let go” look no further; she is simply magic!" ~ N. Turner, Spanish Teacher.

"Over the past several years I have utilized the energy work sessions by Nova. I have found her abilities to balance, clear, and enhance my energy field and physicality to be superb. The benefit of receiving work from such a clear being as Nova are invaluable and well worth the price of a session." ~ Todd Brajkovich, Manager

"I have known Linda “Nova” for over 15 years. She has studied a great many modalities of bodywork. She works on me once a month. I have had bodywork done by a number of people and have never had someone work on me with greater expertise. After the first 3 months, it became a necessity because I felt so much better and functioned so much better. Having Nova work on me saves me money that I would spend on doctor’s, physical therapy and over the counter pain control." ~ Ann Marie Piselli, Payroll supervisor

"Linda “Nova” Larkin came into my life around 15 years  ago as a student in my Lightworker Intensive (Intuitions Development Class), but it was obvious from the beginning that she had unusual clarity, vision, passion and brilliance to be a World Class Healer. Actually, from the beginning of our connection, she has helped heal my life in various ways. I admire her tenacity, honesty, skill set, and meteoric growth path. It is said that if any student does not surpass their teacher, the teacher has failed. In this case, I have not failed. Nova has gone much further than my program offered her. I recommend to anyone who is tired of circling the problem and ready to deal with it now, to bring Nova on-board as an empowering coach and mentor so you can safely go to your next successful and meaningful level with ease. Nova’s simply the best! You don’t have to understand everything she does or know all the names of her systems or how it works, just know she is trustable, caring, and one of the best on the planet to safely “blast off” that which clogs you from expressing you. She is able to “tune” into you in the moment, and can perceive that which you need to understand, experience, feel, or acknowledge. In that way, she is incredibly efficient. So, friend, you could “Circle the dragon” for twenty years with traditional therapy, or you could allow yourself real and noble change. Why not give her a call and get a “feel” for her style”. Unhesitatingly Recommended "~ Linda Shiller Hanna, Clairvoyant,

"Nova helped me tremendously when I was moving from my single family house to a much smaller place a few years ago. I was feeling overwhelmed and scared because I knew I didn’t have the energy or organizational skills to sort through my stuff, throw out or donate what I didn’t need and pack for the move. Nova sorted, packed, and helped me go to the dump and recycle center. She is able to see quickly what needs to be done and then do it! It was such a relief to have her help during those hectic days"~R. Crawford, West Virginia